The joy of a good review as the press come calling

Really pleased with this five-star review I got on

‘I absolutely love this book!! I am not a great Sherlock Holmes fan but you do not have to be to read this. It is addictive. From the minute I started reading I wanted to find out how the story would develop and couldn’t put it down. The central character Red has had a very tough life, enduring violent acts at the hands of others, she therefore soon learns to protect herself and those she loves. She is tough, yet caring, feisty yet endearing, no wonder even the great Sherlock falls for this enticing creature. She wants to be loved and has a great capacity to love and she will do everything it takes to protect and care for her friends. A well researched and inspiring read for anyone.’

The photographer from our local newspaper the Express & Star, which is the country’s biggest regional, also came the other day to take a few pictures.

They are using a story on Thursday which I’ll post on here.

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