Barefoot on Baker Street makes the headlines

Here’s the piece that appeared today in the West Midlands Express & Star – the country’s biggest regional newspaper – which is still selling more than 110,000 copies a night.

The article is also available on which attracted an average monthly audience of 680,000 unique users between January and June this year.

Hopefully it should help to sell a few copies of the book.

Here’s what the article says:

A novice Midlands writer has found a novel way of publicising her new book.

Charlotte Anne Walters has chosen one of the best known characters of English fiction to feature in her first work.

And she is celebrating the publication of the Sherlock Holmes-inspired book by taking on a challenge that would test the great detective himself.

The married senior recruitment manager in the beauty industry is reading and writing a blog on each of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 56 short stories about the adventures of Holmes and Watson.

Her challenge marks the launch of her first book Barefoot on Baker Street.

But she makes clear that the inclusion of Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty in the plot does not make the novel a crime story.

It follows the life of a street-wise girl born in the Victorian workhouse from birth to death.

And along the way she meets the great detective and arch enemy.

That has proved to be a winning formula because the novel that took Mrs Walters seven years to write was snapped up by the first publisher who saw it.

Charlotte, who lives in Shifnal, said: “I was very lucky that it was accepted so quickly because it had been a completely personal endeavour.

“I was sent a contract as soon as they had the first three chapters and a synopsis.

“It took so long to complete because I have a busy life and had to fit it in around work and family.

“There were lots of times when it would have been easier to give up but I was determined. I had to keep going because I had a story to write and I believed it was worth telling.

“There was a real feeling of achievement when I saw a copy of the book for the first time and held it in my hands. It was an amazing.

“Now I am nervously waiting to find out what other people feel about the novel. There are strong references to three of the Sherlock Holmes short stories for fans of the character but you do not have to know anything about them to enjoy the novel.”

She is now reading all 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories and writing a blog on each, which is available at http://www.barefootonbakerstreet.word Barefoot On Baker Street is now on sale.

It is published by MX Publishing and costs £13.99. The book is available from Waterstones and also online at

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