Barefoot on Baker Street – on the shelves

It’s one of those dream-come-true moments which I can now tick off my list, I have actually seen my published novel in on the shelves in Waterstone’s.

I went into the Wolverhampton branch and was delighted to see Barefoot on Baker Street not only on the shelves but also in the window and displayed at the till-point.

What a fantastic feeling, something I have dreamt of since childhood.

All those years of writing and worrying whether my book would even be published let alone for sale in Waterstone’s.

It has been a long journey and incredibly hard work, but I’m so glad that I kept going and kept the faith.

All I need now is for lots of people to go in and buy it!

It’s given me a real boost in my marathon effort to read and review each on Conan Doyle’s 56 short stories in 56 days. Today’s (The Adventure of the Priory School, which I’ll post when I get home from work) marks, by my reckoning,  the halfway point in the challenge.

It’s not always been easy – there were a couple of days last week where I had to sit in the loo on the train as that was the only place where I could get my laptop out.

But seeing it in Waterstone’s has really given me a shot in the arm and I look forward to the next 28 stories.

Here are some of the ways you can purchase Barefoot on Baker Street.

You can order my book in America here.

You can purchase the American Kindle version here

You can order my book in the UK here.

You can purchase the UK Kindle version here.

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One Response to Barefoot on Baker Street – on the shelves

  1. Tim Walters says:

    Well done darling, I’m very proud of you

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