The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate – bring it on

The date of The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate draws closer and I really need to get my thoughts together, writes Charlotte Anne Walters.

If you haven’t heard about it already, The Great Debate is the brainchild of my excellent publisher Steve Emecz at MX Publishing and will be taking place at 8pm (GMT) on the 10th of November.  Teams of esteemed Sherlockians (and me) will be debating which adaptation is making the most contribution to the Sherlock Holmes legacy.  Not which is better necessarily, but which has done the most to carry the world of Sherlock Holmes forward into the future.

I’m arguing on the side of BBC’s Sherlock, up against the Guy Ritchie film franchise and the traditionalists.  I am a passionate supporter of Sherlock and think that the series was cerebral, inventive and captured the essence of Holmes and his method in great detail but with a refreshing contemporary twist.  Trouble is, I need to get my thoughts over to my team captain (the fabulous Kristina from the Baker Street Babes) by tomorrow and my brain aches from all this daily blogging and work nightmares.  I feel this huge weight of responsibility not to let Sherlock and my team members down.

I got up at 5am to read today’s story – The Devil’s Foot – and start my blog in the hope of having time to then write up my thoughts for the debate.  Needless to say I failed (sorry Kristina!) and decided it was high-time I at least mentioned the debate in a blog.  I leave for work in half an hour (at the time of writing) and still haven’t washed my hair (men are so lucky that they don’t have to stress about this sort of thing) or emptied the dishwasher – or even made the bed.

Anyway, fear not, I will sort out my argument in time and grapple with my nerves over the whole thing.  If only I could be as confident as Alistair Duncan who is arguing on the traditionalists side and gave a great interview on Sherlockology recently.

For more info on the debate take a look at and

* Fellow MX author Tracy Revels wrote a blog recently about how it is now such a great time to be a Sherlockian and she is so right.  What with the next BBC Sherlock series right around the corner, the next Guy Ritchie instalment out soon and the Great Debate, things are hotting up nicely.  There are some brilliant titles from MX Publishing due out in the coming months too, here’s a quick round-up of the ones I’m particularly excited about:

Sherlock Holmes and the Affair in Transylvania by film director Gerry O’Hara no less! – 2nd November

No Place Like Holmes by established author Dan Andriacco – 9th November

Shadowblood by history professor Tracy Revels, author of Shadowfall – 10th November

An Entirely New Country by Holmesian scholar and historian Alistair Duncan – 5th December

I do have a big pile of MX books on my bedside table to read and review but at the moment I’m so consumed by my 56 Stories in 56 Days project that all I can read is the original Sherlock Holmes canon.  For a bit of light relief though, I do recommend a very funny website – – which has hilarious comedy videos of Holmes and Watson getting up to various antics in a modern-day setting.  It does rather remind me of my media student days, messing about with a camera and a few mates making spoof videos.  I also recommend an absolutely hilarious book which my great friend Louise (who has an ace sense of humour) bought me one Christmas.  It’s called The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes, A Brand New Adventure Using a Bunch of Old Pictures, by Philip Ardagh.  So funny it makes me cry proper big tears and have belly laughs.  A must for every Holmes collection.

Anyway, at the time of writing this I am about to miss my train for work and the bed will have to stay unmade, hair unwashed etc.  Let alone finish my review of The Devil’s Foot.  Log on tonight to see if I manage to get it done . . .

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