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Could Cumberbatch topple Brett? And more thoughts on THAT ‘suicide’ . . .

Husband uttered the unthinkable last night – Benedict Cumberbatch might even be a better Holmes than Jeremy Brett. Well, as you probably all know from my previous blogs and my support of Brett in the November 2011 live debate organised … Continue reading

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So, how did Sherlock fake his own suicide?

One week on and everyone is still asking the same question?  How did Sherlock fake his own suicide? **Big spoiler alert** As everyone in the UK knows, unless they have been living under a rock, at the end of BBC’s … Continue reading

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BBC’s Sherlock – a televisual feast for the mind and eye

Perhaps I should just rename this site and just be done with it. Sorry, but I just can’t help myself, I’ve got to blog about ‘Sherlock’ again because last night’s episode was too good not to.  And as the … Continue reading

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Another triumph for the Sherlock team with The Hounds of Baskerville

Despite feeling that the episode didn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of A Scandal in Belgravia, I was still completely captured by the ingenuity of the BBC Sherlock’s Hounds of Baskerville. I’m trying to work out what I loved the … Continue reading

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BBC’s Sherlock’s A Scandal in Belgravia – simply wow

I’ve just seen BBC’s Sherlock, and it was brilliant. How do I know that it was brilliant?  Well, my husband sat through the whole thing without fidgeting or wandering off.  And he never does that.  Ever.  Not even during the … Continue reading

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