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A female Dr Watson? Perhaps it’s a step too far

Doctor Watson a woman?  I have so many mixed feelings kicking around in my head right now. I’ve just picked up the paper on my way to work and seen that CBS have cast Lucy Liu to play the role … Continue reading

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Are we in danger of Holmesian overkill?

As CBS enter the ring with Elementary, I can’t help but wonder whether we really need another modern-day Holmes? There was a time, post-Granada series, when Sherlock Holmes was descending fast into obscurity.  Mainstream media had no interest in further … Continue reading

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Barefoot Around the World – at Speedy’s

Here’s a picture of Barefoot at Speedy’s – above which John and Sherlock live in the BBC series ‘Sherlock’. You can find the cafe at 187 North Gower Street, Camden, London – it’s about half a mile from Baker Street. … Continue reading

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How will BBC’s Sherlock tackle the problem at the very heart of the Empty House?

To truly engage with any story, the reader has to like or at least care about the central character.  This is something which I have always found difficult about the original Empty House. I had followed as the earlier stories … Continue reading

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The Well-Read Sherlockian reviews Barefoot on Baker Street

The Well-Read Sherlockian has published a lovely, very detailed review of Barefoot on Baker Street. Below are a few extracts from the review. To read it in full click here “Barefoot on Baker Street is Charlotte Anne Walters’ first novel, … Continue reading

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Holmes and Watson – who needed who the most?

As famous friendships go, the Holmes and Watson partnership seems to have attracted more analysis than any other fictional duo.  Partnership is an interesting word to use, inferring a degree of equality and co-dependency. Modern adaptations have demonstrated this dependency … Continue reading

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