Ross K Foad reviews Barefoot on Baker Street

Great review of Barefoot on Baker Street from Ross K Foad of No Place Like Holmes.

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Author from Shropshire
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2 Responses to Ross K Foad reviews Barefoot on Baker Street

  1. The Greek 'e' says:

    Think this is a really good review and although I have not yet read this book, judging by the quality and accuracy of discussion of reviews of other books which I have had the pleasure to read, I’m sure this is particularly pertinent to the book in question! 😀

  2. Matt Laffey says:

    If anyone is on the fence regarding whether or not they should read Ms Walters’ “Barefoot on Baker Street” (2011), let me strongly suggest that you hop off the fence, run to your nearest quality bookshop (or online vendor) and read this most excellent novel. Even if Sherlock Holmes pastiches aren’t normally your cup of tea, Ms Walters has crafted a story that is so engaging that it’s almost impossible to put down.

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