Thrilled to be included in Sherlock’s Home . . . The Empty House

Yay!  My short story is being published in Sherlock’s Home . . . The Empty House.

Sherlockology and MX Publishing joined forces in support of the Undershaw Preservation Trust and offered Holmes fans the chance to have their own story published in an anthology called Sherlock’s Home, The Empty House.  The competition gained a massive response with nearly 400 entries from fans all over the world.

I decided to enter and am absolutely delighted that my story has been chosen, along with 31 other entries, to become part of this worthwhile publication.  The book will also include contributions from Undershaw patron Mark Gatiss and other famous supporters such as Stephen Fry and Douglas Wilmer.  (MX were not on the judging panel – just in case anyone thinks that’s why I got picked!)

It made me appreciate just how difficult short story writing really is.  I now have even more respect for ACD and the brilliant, concise tales he crafted so skilfully.  Having written a rather long (oh all right, very long) novel, this was something completely different for me and great fun to do.  That’s what I wanted – to create something completely different to Barefoot and show I wasn’t just a one-trick-pony.  So, my story is set in present day and tackles my favourite Holmes villain – Charles Augustus Milverton.  Instead of a master blackmailer praying on wealthy debutants using incriminating letters, 21st century Milverton is an ex-tabloid editor selling celebrity gossip.  It was great fun to write, but now I can’t wait to see what everyone else has written – apparently the standard is very high.  And it’s great to see Jeremy Brett take pride-of-place on the front cover.

All royalties go to Undershaw, so please follow the links below to purchase your copy.  Show your support for this fantastic organisation that is fighting so hard to protect Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home from being destroyed/re-developed.  For more information about Undershaw, please visit their website and ‘like’ their Facebook page.

For more information about Sherlock’s Home, follow this link to the Sherlockology site.

To purchase Sherlock’s Home . . . The Empty House:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Book Depository – Worldwide

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7 Responses to Thrilled to be included in Sherlock’s Home . . . The Empty House

  1. Ship's Cook says:

    Congratulations, well done you

  2. Good work! Look forward to reading your story. My story got in as well, super excited! 🙂

  3. Ennui says:

    Fantastic! Look forward to reading your story in “The Empty House”.

  4. Thank you! Do feel free to post up your thoughts once you have read it. Fingers crossed now for good news from the court hearing for Undershaw next week. It will be so wrong if this historic building doesn’t get the protection it deserves.

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