More BAFTA success for BBC Sherlock

After winning awards for editing, sound and writing at the BAFTA craft awards, BBC Sherlock picked up another two awards at last night’s BAFTA Television ceremony.

Andrew Scott won best supporting actor for his brilliant portrayal of James Moriarty.  The whole place erupted into frenzied whooping and hollering when he was announced as the winner.  In fact, there was clearly much love in the room for Sherlock because any mention of the show or team caused the biggest cheers by far.  Sherlock fans really are a dedicated and proactive bunch, how amazing that a television show can be so innovative that it inspires such a loyal band of followers.

Steven Moffat won the Special Award for his contribution to television including Doctor Who and Sherlock.  The award was presented to him by Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Who star Matt Smith.

Benedict lost out on the best actor award to Dominic West and the show very sadly lost the Audience Choice Award to Celebrity Juice.

But still, a total of five BAFTAs for 2012 is a massive success and hugely deserved.

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