Debates and demonstrations – a great finale to Sherlock Holmes week

On Saturday I was lucky enough to take part in the live Sherlock Holmes debate 3.  A group of Holmesian experts got together in London and via the internet to debate which was the best story in the original Sherlock Holmes canon.

I argued in favour of The Six Napoleons but faced passionate competition and things did get a bit heated – especially when we started discussing A Scandal in Bohemia.  I think ultimately, the winner of the debate was the canon as a whole because one story didn’t dominate – with such a brilliant and diverse body of work to choose from everyone has their own favourite.

After the initial debate ended, the audience were treated to a master-class in Sherlock Holmes’ method from mentalist Joe Riggs, described as The Real Sherlock Holmes.  Joe is such an interesting character and I recommend his new book – The Real Sherlock Holmes, which I’ve just finished reading.   Joe was raised by psychic readers and was taught their techniques from a young age.  However, upon reaching adulthood he turned away from a life of tricking people and decided to use his skills to become a professional mentalist.  He is an expert in reading body language, mannerisms and mastering memory techniques.  In BBC Sherlock, Sherlock can be seen using his ‘memory palace’ and this is one of the skills Joe tries to explain and teach in his new book.

Last night Joe hosted a live demonstration of his skills which also involved The Baker Street Babes and Sherlockology.  Follow this link to watch and do stay with it until the end – he sent predictions to the Babes and Sherlockology prior to the event and the revelations are pretty cool.  He even gives his thoughts on Sherlock’s fake suicide.

For more information about Joe, visit his website –

Sherlock Holmes week has been a great success (organized by MX Publishing in support of The Undershaw Preservation Trust) and for me personally it has included the launch of my new book and second edition.  Taking part in the debate rounded things off very nicely.

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