Sherlock’s helping turn Benedict Cumberbatch into a global star

Check out this great interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in which he talks about Sherlock and Elementary. 

He’s very diplomatic about Elementary and says that there is room for both modern adaptations but clearly feels uneasy about the situation – especially as he knows Jonny Lee Miller well.

Is it me or is BC everywhere at the moment? Parade’s End, Star Trek, The Hobbit – even speaking at the Cheltenham Literary Festival in October.

It says so much about Sherlock the series and Sherlock Holmes the character that both have the power to turn someone into a global star.

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1 Response to Sherlock’s helping turn Benedict Cumberbatch into a global star

  1. Resa Haile says:

    I wouldn’t have said it was diplomatic. I thought these were some bad things to say publicly about someone he calls a friend, not to mention the friend’s wife (who is a successful businesswoman and can probably afford to keep herself in clothes). I was glad to see Cumberbatch said he was misquoted and issued a statement, and I hope that is the case.

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