A belated Christmas present for BBC Sherlock

holmes-and-watsonI was delighted to discover today  that BBC Sherlock has been voted the top TV show of 2012 in a Radio Times poll. The judges were a mix of writers and critics – surely the hardest people to win over.

Sherlock beat the critically acclaimed Homeland into second place and also saw off competition from comedies such as Twenty Twelve and The Thick of It.

RadioTimes.com editor Tim Glandfield said – ‘Sherlock delivered the TV event of the year with three perfect episodes. Nothing got people talking more than that cliff-hanger series finale.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Glandfield’s comments sum up the very essence of what makes Sherlock so brilliant – it’s an event and it gets people talking. That and it’s clever use of the canon, of course.

As much as I can find positives about Elementary and even the Guy Ritchie films, they are not an event, not something people will still talk about in ten years time. And all this talk is great for the legacy of Sherlock Holmes as a character – assuring his future and expanding his fan-base.

In my opinion, not since Jeremy Brett have Sherlock Holmes fans taken to heart a performance as readily as they have with Benedict Cumberbatch. His Holmes is modern but somehow timeless, arrogant, conceited but willing to suffer to save his friends. Cumberbatch pulls off this duality extremely well, supported by a fantastic cast including Martin Freeman. The show isn’t about stars – instead a brilliant, experienced, heavy-weight cast has been assembled who all work together to deliver consummate performances. It feels like a team piece created with genuine love of not only the series itself, but the source material which inspired its creation.

Go team Sherlock!! Can’t wait for series three…

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