One year on . . . and we’re still talking about Sherlock’s ‘suicide’

Great article in British television magazine Radio Times about BBC Sherlock series three published today.

Paul Jones has written a very comprehensive entitled – ‘Sherlock series 3, what do we know so far and what can we deduce?

He uses the three clue words given by Moffat and Gatiss (Rat, Wedding and Bow) to talk through what each episode of the new series might contain. I particularly like his idea of casting Timothy Spall as Charles Augustus Milverton!

There’s also this interesting quote from Martin Freeman about ‘That Suicide’ – “All the clues were on screen. It’s not going to be a cheat – everything that we saw on that final episode offers hints as to how he did it.”

Jones talks about episode one and how it will surely contain Colonel Moran, if truly based on Doyle’s The Empty House. I must admit, it’s one of things I’m most excited about. If there is a Sebastian Moran character, Moriarty’s right-hand-man, surely we have seen him before – but just don’t realise. Here’s a few mad theories from me – in The Blind Banker, Sherlock’s old friend who calls him in to investigate the case is called Sebastian. Could he re-appear as the modern-day Moran? Or, how about the Northern, larger-than-life chief inspector we encounter in The Fall? No one mentions his name but he is pivotal in Moriarty’s plan to have Sherlock arrested. He tells a reluctant Lestrade to “Bring him in, right now. Do it!” Rather than Moran being a military man, perhaps he is a bent copper taking back-handers from Moriarty.

Anyway, the article is great and well worth a read for any Sherlock fan. Just click this link…

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2 Responses to One year on . . . and we’re still talking about Sherlock’s ‘suicide’

  1. lightningjcb says:

    Casting Radio Times aside, what are your theories on how Sherlock managed to fake his own death? I’ve certainly read quite a few but would love hearing yours! 🙂

    • I have written a blog detailing my thoughts – (just follow the link at the bottom of this blog) but it’s not a definintive answer. I think the squash ball had something to do with it (if you squeeze one under your armpit it’s meant to stop your pulse), Molly helped him and possibly so did Mycroft – in the original Empty House Mycroft is the only person who knew Holmes was really alive. The rubbish truck may be significant and there is clearly a reason why Sherlock tels John to stand where he does. I explain it better in the blog but it’s all just theories, i’m not confident.

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