Another chance to get involved in the Save Undershaw campaign

YesAfter the excitement of last year’s writing competition which gave Holmes fans the opportunity to have their short story included in ‘Sherlock’s Home’, now there is another chance to see your work in print.

The Undershaw Preservation Trust are running a competition inviting fans to write about how the campaign inspires them – what motivates you to want to save the home of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? The winning entries will be included in a publication. All 221 of them – see what they’ve done there?

Entries should be between 500-600 words. Just email them to – project

Prior to hearing about the Undershaw campaign, I had presumed that out there would be the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, lovingly restored and protected, perhaps even with a plaque on the wall telling visitors, ‘Here lived the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the most famous fictional character in the world.’ It never even entered my head that it might be in trouble, derelict and threatened with destruction.

I can still remember going onto the Undershaw website for the first time and seeing those awful pictures showing how dilapidated the house had become. It was genuinely heart-breaking to see the home which Doyle lovingly designed, standing there defaced by graffiti, rain pouring through the roof, windows shattered by vandals. I was shocked and angry that local authorities had allowed this to happen and let the house pass into the hands of an insensitive developer.

So let’s all continue to get behind this worthy cause – I’m sure it’s what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have wanted. As he inspired me so much, I feel it’s only right to get involved and try to help.

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