Title revealed for BBC Sherlock series 3, episode 1 – The Empty Hearse

Filming begins in Cardiff today for the first episode of Sherlock Series Three. News has just broken that the first episode of the new series will be called ‘The Empty Hearse’.

Obviously this is an intriguing play on The Empty House, the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story in which Sherlock Holmes returns ‘from the dead’ to a startled Doctor Watson. It also brings to mind The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, another of the original 56 stories. In this story, an extra large coffin with a false bottom is used to conceal a chloroformed Lady Carfax beneath a deceased old lady, about to be buried alive. Holmes works out the truth at the last minute and saves her life just in time.

For up-to-date news about series three, keep checking the Sherlockology website – www.sherlockology.com

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1 Response to Title revealed for BBC Sherlock series 3, episode 1 – The Empty Hearse

  1. Méloë says:

    Now that’s interesting. I was so excited when Mark Gatiss gave the title of the episode on Twitter, that I didn’t think it could bear references to more than the obvious Empty House. I din’t think of Lady Carfax… Thanks for pointing it out. That could bring interesting elements into this episode…

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