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Lemon-Entry just keeps on coming

Maybe it’s because I’m a Brit and not used to long-running TV shows, but is there no end to Elementary? It feels like the longest TV series in history. Apologies to readers of last week’s blog, I really thought I’d … Continue reading

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Lemon-Entry gives us a soppy, love-sick hoodwinked Holmes for its grand finale

Oh dear. I have tried to like Elementary (affectionately known in our house as Lemon-Entry) but the final episode has been the final straw for me. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know the conclusion, stop … Continue reading

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CAM and a transvestite Mrs Hudson – Elementary offers up new surprises

Apologies if this blog sounds very outdated to my American readers, but here in the UK we are a bit behind with viewings of Elementary. I’m especially behind because I don’t watch them straight away; I use the wonders of … Continue reading

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