The Great Game to play with fellow Sherlockians

On a dreary Sunday afternoon, husband and I invented a game (no not that sort of game!) and it was surprisingly diverting. It’s very simple – all you have to do is guess the Sherlock Holmes story from just a one word clue. It can’t be too obvious like, say, CORONET – Beryl Coronet, or too hard like husband’s suggestion, God – Thor Bridge (Thor – Norse God, get it? No, I didn’t either)

Here are some of the better ones we came up with (thank God I’m married to a Sherlockian, any other man would think it was completely mad to spend a Sunday afternoon doing this.)

COFFIN – Lady Francis Carfax

PENCILS – The Three Students

TOBY – Sign of Four

MONGOOSE – Crooked Man

So here’s a few to start you off. You can play along with friends, invent your own or just put your answers and ideas in the comments box below. Can you guess the Sherlock Holmes story from just these single words?












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6 Responses to The Great Game to play with fellow Sherlockians

  1. Berberis says:

    I managed the following off the top of my head in about 30 seconds.
    EARS – Cardboard Box
    SNAKE – Speckled Band
    HYDRAULICS – Engineer’s Thumb
    KKK – Dancing Men
    PHOTO – Six Napoleons?
    ACID – Charles Milverton
    LEPROSY – Blanched Soldier
    For the rest, I’m muttering ‘f*ckf*ckf*ck’ under my breath before someone comes to interrupt me, but I’m working on them.

    • Good try but not all right – I don’t want to give away the answers in case someone else has a try but you are wrong with KKK, PHOTO and ACID, sorry. Keep trying!

      • Berberis says:

        For ‘managed’ read ‘stabbed wildly in the dark’. When you consider that I listen to the radio adaptations on a regular basis on my way to/from work, 4/11 is a bit not good.

  2. Jens Byskov Jensen says:

    The Cardboard Box, Silver Blaze, Black Peter, Speckled Band, Engineer’s Thumb, Blue Carbuncle, 5 Orange Pips, Scandal In Bogemia, His Last Bow, Illustrious Client, Blanched Soldier.

  3. I’m puzzled by “Wessex”, I must admit, but the others are pretty easy!

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