Oh no! We are in for even more tears at the end of BBC Sherlock Series three

I’ve just come across this article in the Radio Times online:be-704386720

“It’s time,” tweeted Sherlock composer Michael Price, as he prepared to go into the studio to record the score for His Last Vow, the final instalment in the forthcoming series. “Sherlock ep3. More strings than ever before. More epicness. More tears.”

What on earth are Moffat et al going to put us through this time? And will we have to wait another two years to discover its resolution?

I believe that episode 3 ‘His Last Vow’ will be the one which features my favourite Holmes villain, Charles Augustus Milverton (or Magnussen as they will be calling him). In the original story, Holmes breaks the law to enter Milverton’s house and destroy his blackmail material because he can’t find any other way to out-wit or stop him. He also strikes up a relationship with Milverton’s maid, even getting engaged to her, to extract information. I really hope they include these crucial elements in the episode but don’t see how they might lead to tears.

Is someone going to die? Most sensible choice would be John’s love interest, played by real-life partner Amanda Abbington. In the original canon, John does indeed fall in love and marry Mary Morstan but ends up widowed and returning to live at 221b – so this story-line would fit well.

But who else could be expendable?

The Radio Times suggest Molly or perhaps Mrs Hudson. Both are possible I suppose but I’d be mightily sad to see either of them go. It would certainly induce tears. Or what about Lestrade? Though he features heavily in the BBC series, Lestrade only appeared in 11 of the 56 short stories by ACD, and two of the long stories. And he did feature in the original Charles Augustus Milverton. Could he be about to meet a sorry end?

Though surely something which is going to prompt a national outpouring of tears needs to involve either Sherlock or John themselves?

Never have I known so much anticipation for a TV series on such a massive, international scale. Whether you personally like BBC Sherlock or not, you have to doff your hat to them for creating something so phenomenally successful.

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4 Responses to Oh no! We are in for even more tears at the end of BBC Sherlock Series three

  1. Berberis says:

    With a thousand apologies to Mary and John, head canon says Mary. And, I’m afraid, heart canon says the same. It’s all a question of how.
    1. An ‘accident’? With so many available villains, any one of them could be made to appear for any reason to cause Mary’s demise.
    2. Sherlock making a mistake resulting in Mary’s death? As strong as the Sherlock/John relationship is, could it survive that?
    3. John making a mistake resulting in Mary’s death? Far, far too cruel to everyone concerned.
    4. Natural causes? Seems a bit tame, although it would allow us to see how Sherlock copes being around a grieving and angry John.

    I’d go for a villain or villains, named or unnamed, with Sherlock appearing to be the one who led them to her. He then has to solve the crime before John (with or without the help of Mycroft and/or Lestrade) can find any of the 4 assassins who survived S2E3 and hire them to sit on the roof of Bart’s with a gun pointed at Sherlock’s head.

  2. Gina says:

    If they kill off Molly I’m through watching it!

  3. I believe that yours truly will get shot at the end of the third series (as in The Three Garridebs). I would stake my army pension on it!

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