My own take on a modern Holmes and Watson

51Px38YH4+L._My new book, Charlie Milverton and Other Stories is available now to pre order on Amazon. It is a collection of five present-day Sherlock Holmes short stories which poke gentle fun at the idiosyncrasies of modern life – not to mention the eccentric detective and his world-weary friend who are at the heart of the action.

Charlie Milverton, The Premier Bachelor, The Leaping Man, A Question of Identity and Abbey Strange are each based directly on an adventure taken from the original work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but updated with a modern-day twist. Instead of the foggy cobbled streets and hansom cabs of Victorian London, we get over-paid footballers, pop-stars, a glamour model, the tabloid press and cosmetic surgery. But friendship and Holmes’ unique science of deduction remain central to each story.

Stuck in a dysfunctional marriage and the job from hell, aspiring writer Doctor John H Watson battles against the angst of a mid-life crisis whilst being drawn further into the individual world of his friend – the irascible, difficult but brilliant consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.

The pair embark on a series of adventures which see them do battle with a media mogul, a footballer’s agent, the perils of vanity, greed and social media. From disappearing brides to the murder of an aged rock-star, Holmes and Watson set out to shed light in the darkness – whilst Watson battles to keep his literary agent happy and jump-start his flagging writing career.

I wanted to do more than simply add in canon references. I’ve tried to actually take each story and lovingly work with it to give it a modern-day reboot. It’s been great fun to write and the more time you spend working with Conan Doyle’s original stories, the greater you come to appreciate their genius.

American readers can pre-order the book here

Or if you’re in the UK, it’s here

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4 Responses to My own take on a modern Holmes and Watson

  1. Patrick Kincaid says:

    Really enjoyed your Charlie Milverton story in Sherlock’s Home. Will there be a Kindle version along soon, or should I snap this up now? Or is that not a very useful question to ask an author…? 😉

    • Hi Patrick, I’m not 100% sure and will have to check with my publisher but I think that was the intention. It doesn’t go on general release until 17th of March so presumably that’s when all versions will become available. I’ll try and find out more from MX then let you know. Charlie Milverton is the first story in the collection and the other four follow on from there in a similar vein – a modern-day reboot of a traditional canon story. So as you enjoyed that one, hopefully you will enjoy them all! Do let me know what you think, I always welcome any feedback. Thanks for the support.

  2. Rosegarden says:

    Hi there! This actually sounds quite interesting, though I hope you forgive me for asking: How canon will the stories remain in particular regarding romances for both Holmes and Watson? I’m not much a fan of invented romances which aren’t there in the original, so I hope it’s okay I’m asking?

    • Of course it’s ok, no problem at all. The only romance which isn’t in the canon but does feature in the stories is one I can’t really mention without giving away a spoiler. However, I can confirm it doesn’t involve Holmes or Watson. They don’t get involved in any romances at all. Watson is married but she is only ever mentioned and doesn’t personally feature in the book. And his marriage is far from romantic! The romances which do occur are part of the case, as in the canon but updated to modern day. So instead of an aristocratic young man getting engaged to a suitable noble woman, it’s a premiership footballer getting engaged to a glamour model who then disappears after the wedding reception. Charles Augustus Milverton doesn’t acquire sensitive letters written by debutants to secret boyfriends, he gets hold of video tapes showing a pop-star kissing someone other than her manager boyfriend. Then he threatens to release them to the tabloids if she doesn’t pay up. So I take the essence of the canon stories and simply update them to modern themes/equivalents. I keep things fairly light-hearted too. If you do decide to read it, feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks for your enquiry.

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