Charlie Milverton and Other Stories – it’s out now

708d13bf-efb7-45f9-a812-99aad73363eeMarch 17 (St Patrick’s Day)  is the official launch day for my new paperback from MX Publishing. It is my first major launch since my debut novel was published in 2011 – which now feels like a very long time ago.

If I’m honest, I’m a bit nervous about putting my heart and soul out there again – ready to face the usual round of great reviews, not so great reviews and downright terrible ones. All this on top of ‘the day job’.

Why do we do it? It can only be for love – love of writing, love of the subject matter and love of sharing our work. That and the fact that most writers are probably ever so slightly mad..

Here’s where to go for the paperback in the UK

Or if you want the Kindle version

And if you’re outside the UK why not try this for your Kindle?

Or if paperback’s your thing you can have it here – shipped anywhere in the world for FREE!

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