The joy of audiobooks, of hearing someone else’s voice bringing your words to life…

identityToday I heard someone else reading out one of my stories for the first time. A Question of Identity has been brought out as an audio book by MX Publishing and narrated by actor Steve White.

It was a joy to listen to, Steve’s voice so rich and full of character, rising well to the challenge of having to do so many different accents in one story – RP, Northern, Birmingham and Pakistani. He has really brought the story to life.

 There’s something so relaxing about listening to an audiobook, there I was doing the ironing as the words flowed out from my laptop filling the room, sounding so much more alive than if they were simply going on in my head. Audiobooks breathe life into stories, give them levels of characterisation and a richness beyond the humble page.

Listening to A Question of Identity also reminded me of how much I’d enjoyed writing it, what a pleasure it was to delve into Conan Doyle’s A Case of Identity and update it to present day. The themes it contained are still so relevant today, so timeless – a young girl’s love for a mysterious boyfriend, the wicked step-father, the clever consultant solving the case. Conan Doyle managed to be both of his time and ahead of his time in so many ways. Adapting and re interpreting his works remains a constant pleasure and privilege.

You can download ‘A Question of Identity’ here.

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