Guess who’s back? 90 second trailer heralds the return of the BBC Sherlock juggernaut

sherlockThere I was still trying to recover from the shock of Jane not winning the Great British Bake Off, and suddenly a trailer for series four of BBC Sherlock jumps onto the screen. Aired in typically dramatic fashion after the finale of one of BBC’s most popular shows, the 90 second Hollywood-style trailer was a tantalising promise of what is to come, (and a reminder that the BBC hasn’t lost all its top programmes.)

 So it is now confirmed that Sherlock, (and possibly Moriarty,) will be back on New Year’s Day – 01/01/17. How do I feel? Mixed emotions. After the highs of the first two series and the lows of series three and the one-off Christmas special, I just don’t know what to expect. I must admit, the trailer was great – full of drama, action, perhaps a bit over the top but hinting at a return to the mystery-based, thriller style which I think made the first two series so great. Or will it be the self-indulgent, Sherlock and John love-in which I felt the last instalments became?

Hopefully, it will be a perfectly-balanced blend of the two this time, delivered with a lightness of touch and clever brilliance giving new insight into Sherlock’s development as a character. The trailer bodes well, but I can’t help fearing the worst.

 The image of the violin with it’s broken string is very strong, but what will finally break Sherlock? Harm befalling those he cares for? Losing the game? Being wrong? How will Benedict Cumberbatch deliver this? Can’t wait to find out. Please let’s have a Sherlock episode I can love again, write blogs full of praise about. It seems like a lifetime ago when I last did that. But I‘ve never given up hope. Only two months to go!

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