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BBC Sherlock: The Final Problem – review

***Spoiler Alert*** The problem with The Final Problem was trying to follow what the hell was going on. I scratched my head so much during the ninety minutes my scalp felt like I’d had an attack of nits. Crime/mystery solving was put … Continue reading

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BBC Sherlock: The Lying Detective – review

***Contains spoilers*** The game is certainly on, and the creative team behind this exhilarating fourth series keep on raising theirs to dizzying new heights. The Lying Detective was a pure, 90-minute adrenaline-rush full of action, suspense, visual quirks, frenetic editing … Continue reading

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BBC Sherlock: A triumphant return to form in The Six Thatchers – review

***Contains spoilers*** As I was disappointed by the direction taken in series three, I didn’t hold out much hope for the return of BBC Sherlock. After a three year wait for the series to return and endless hype, Hollywood-style trailers, … Continue reading

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