Sherlock Holmes Sporcle quizzes keep my brain active, but how would the man himself have coped with forced confinement?

It’s been a surreal couple of months as COVID-19 spread across the globe and forced us all into months of lockdown. What would the Great Detective have made of all this?
Forced to stay at home without a case to occupy his finely-tuned brain, I suspect Watson would have been watching in horror as his friend reached for the seven per cent solution.
There would be a few more bullet holes in the sitting room walls at 221b that’s for sure. I can’t imagine Holmes tidying his spice drawer or doing DIY like so many of us have to alleviate boredom. I suppose he may have written a monograph or two, perhaps a follow-up to his work on identifying different types of tobacco ash or perfume. What would he have made of all the conspiracy theories, such as –  it’s all down to 5G or a manufactured virus which escaped from a lab?
Would he have considered any of them worthy of investigation (albeit from his armchair.) Investigating from a sitting position is far more Mycroft’s style, I imagine he would have rather enjoyed lockdown but his brother would have struggled with enforced stagnation. Perhaps Holmes would be at his chemistry table working on a homemade vaccine, using poor Watson as a guinea pig? As a key worker, would Watson be out there working in the hospitals? Probably glad to get away from his fractious house-mate. ​
I’ve spent lockdown working on a new novel, walking in the countryside and, yes you’ve guessed it, tidying the spices and working through that long list of DIY jobs i’ve been ignoring for so long. But there’s been one fun discovery I wanted to share, just in case there are fellow Holmesians out there yet to experience the joys of Sporcle. It’s an online quiz site full of every topic from naming all the countries of the world to popular culture and history. There are lots of Sherlock Holmes quizzes relating to both the canon and all the TV and film adaptations. My favourite is the one which gives you ten minutes to name all the original 56 short stories and 4 novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I admit it took me four goes to name them all in the alloted time. So, if you haven’t discovered the joys of Sporcle yet – do check it out. ​
It’s also worth remembering that MX Publishing has many fantastic Sherlock Holmes pastiches, stories and academic books available covering all aspects of the Holmesian world. Many are available as ebook, audio etc with new launches happening frequently. Lots of great offers too, some books available at half price. You can even get a Sherlock Holmes-themed face mask!
For every book you buy (or two clearance books) MX will plant a tree at the Happy Life orphanage in Kenya, which owner Steve and his wife Sharon have supported for many years. Many of the trees will be fruit trees to provide vital food for the 100+ children including apples and bananas. They have raised enough for 500 trees so far. Check out their website or follow on social media for more info. ​

Keep safe everyone, better days will surely come.

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