About Barefoot on Baker Street

Barefoot on Baker Street is a novel by Charlotte Anne Walters which was published by MX Publishing on September 20, 2011.

It is set in the world of late Victorian London, where a life of crime is the only way to escape poverty and servitude for one bright, young, workhouse orphan.  The narrative follows Red on her incredible life-journey, in the form of a memoir, as it twists and turns through poverty, riches, infatuation, loss and love.  Becoming entangled with a dangerous and sinister criminal puts Red onto a collision course with Sherlock Holmes, who is the focus of a powerful childhood infatuation, and the resulting machinations propel her into adventure, tragedy and maturity.

The story is not told by the familiar voice of Doctor Watson and Holmes is not the central character.  Barefoot is someone else’s story, someone fresh, intelligent, street-wise and, crucially, female.   This allows traditional characters to been seen from a new perspective giving greater insight into their personalities and world.

Central themes of infatuation, loss, poverty, social inequality and the journey into maturity are something all readers can associate with, but detailed historical research and sensitive inclusion of source material gives plenty for the Holmes admirer to enjoy.

Here’s what some reviewers have said:

“Barefoot on Baker Street is Charlotte Anne Walters’ first novel, and the seven years’ of work she devoted to it have had impressive results.” – The Well-Read Sherlockian

“Walters tackles some pretty horrific scenarios, making me appreciate just how hard city life was (is) if you came from the wrong side of the tracks. The book moves at a relentless pace.” – Alistair Duncan in the journal of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London

“It is fast paced and I could not put the book down! I was up into the early hours reading it and I was enthralled by the exciting build up to the conclusion of the story!  Red is such a bold and memorable character.” – Charlotte Smith, My Tin Dispatch Box

When I first started this book, I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy it as Sherlock Holmes is not top of my wish list. However, the central character, Red, is a force to be reckoned with and her character evolves dramatically throughout the story. It gets better and better as the book progresses, with a truly authentic feel, and quite soon reaches a point where putting it down isn’t an option.” – Amazon review

Charlotte Anne Walters is a senior recruitment manager and lives in Shropshire with her husband Tim, a journalist.  Charlotte has previously worked as an actor, presenter, and freelance writer.  Barefoot on Baker Street is Charlotte’s first novel.

To celebrate the publication of the book Charlotte wrote a daily blog reading and reviewing each of the Sherlock Holmes 56 stories.

Now she writes a regular blog on all things Sherlockian (and some not) so keep checking back to read Charlotte’s latest thoughts

12 Responses to About Barefoot on Baker Street

  1. …now have your blog piped through to my reader. All set in keeping updated on your each and every post. Not sure how I found you (link), you know how the interweb can be, anyway, I’m here. Will click on Amz link to get the sample. BTW, have a WIP featuring a modern day version of Holmes, he’s my ‘Jake Spade.’ More later, your blog looks great.

    • Dear Gary – Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy reading through my blogs. I have just completed my ’56 Stories in 56 Days’ adventure in which I read and reviewed one Sherlock Holmes short story a day until I had covered all 56. The blogs are still up so do scroll through and read my thoughts – feel free to add any comments. There is also info about my novel – Barefoot on Baker Street – and a fun section in which readers have sent in pictures of their ‘Barefoots’ in great locations. Thanks for joining up!

  2. I will check out our book and updates. I’ve been a Holmes fan for years.

  3. What is your Twitter address? I’d like to follow the tweets.

  4. celenagaia33 says:

    Followed this from a friend’s Facebook link. The novel sounds impressive, in both narrative voice and premise; an innovative new take on a classic. And I wholly admire anyone with that attention to detail for such remarkable research. I’ll be hunting a copy down in my local library / Waterstones.

    Also, a blog dedicated to Holmes, is a very handy thing to have.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I really hope you enjoy my novel, I do welcome any feedback. It took seven years to write and did involve a lot of research, I really hope that comes across. The voice is very different from the familiar tones of Doctor Watson and some aspects have been seen as quite controversial. Please try and get a second edition – it is greatly improved from the first. Barefoot (both editions) is available from Amazon and can be ordered from any Waterstones. Thanks again.

  5. gina amos says:

    I stumbled across your blog by accident and I’m glad I did. A great fan of Sherlock Holmes. Look forward to reading more:)

    • Hi Gina, thanks for your comment. I have been a Holmes fan for most of my life – reading the canon kept me sane during the stress of doing my A levels and coping with teenage angst in general. Now I’m seeing 40 appear over the not-so-distant horizon and I still turn to Sir Arthur’s words in times of stress. My novel came out in 2011 and I’ve been blogging about general Holmesian stuff ever since. The canon remains my true love but I do enjoy modern interpretations such as BBC Sherlock and Elementary (which grew on me eventually). I am also a big fan of Jeremy Brett and the Granada series in which he starred. It’s great how a shared interest in Holmes brings together people from all around the world. Long may it continue!

  6. Mel says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Would you like to review some of my Sherlock Holmes stories, the second volume of which is published on 11 November? In my spin on things Holmes is a working class bloke living in modern day Middlesbrough. Volume 1 has been very well received.



    • Hi Mel, thanks for getting in touch. I very rarely do reviews because it’s a bit of a minefield. If you do a good review of one book, other people get offended if you don’t review their book too. If you do a bad review, the author gets offended. Either way, you seem to end up upsetting someone. So I tend to only review if it’s a major book launch or if it’s something that fits into a blog I’m already writing. Saying that, I’ve looked on your website and really like the concept behind your books. I too updated Holmes to modern-day in my Charlie Milverton series. If you are happy to, send me your email address and i’ll get in touch. Thanks, Charlotte

  7. Mel says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    I’ve just followed you on Twitter @northernholmes. if you follow me back I’ll DM to my email address.

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