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What does this year’s BBC Sherlock one-off special really have in store for us?

First we had the official picture of Cumberbatch and Freeman in period costume evoking a Brett/Hardwicke vibe. Now the internet is alive with more pictures of the pair in Victorian dress, along with Amanda Abbington. The pictures were taken while … Continue reading

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2014 – The Year Sherlock Holmes Became Free

It’s been yet another busy year for Sherlock Holmes admirers as the popularity of the world’s most famous detective continues to grow. 2014 kicked off with the return of BBC Sherlock. Series Three burst onto our screens with a riot … Continue reading

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Elementary is back and Holmes is most certainly not forgiven

Review of Season Three, Episode One – Enough Nemesis to Go Around (contains some spoilers) As regular blog readers may recall, I had a bit of a Damascene conversion over Elementary during the last season. I went from disliking it … Continue reading

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s childhood inspiration

Watching BBC’s Antiques Road Trip last night (yes I know, but there was nothing else on) I was surprised when a segment about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle popped up. There I was, TV dinner on my lap, brain going into … Continue reading

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How does the Conan Doyle canon inspire me?

One of my Facebook friends messaged me to ask an interesting question – how does the canon influence my writing? I thought, ah-ha! Great idea for a blog… The canon is always at the heart of anything I write with … Continue reading

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BBC Sherlock to return with a Christmas special in 2015

BBC Sherlock will be returning in 2015 for a Christmas special followed by a series of three new episodes, presumably to be shown in 2016. Filming will begin in January next year on the special with the series shooting later … Continue reading

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CBS’ Elementary finally wins me over

I presumed I would absolutely love series three of BBC Sherlock, but sadly I didn’t. I also presumed I’d dislike season two of Elementary but I actually rather enjoyed it. I do like to be proved wrong every now and … Continue reading

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