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Elementary finale gives us a battle between Holmes and his ultimate nemesis – heroin

****Contains spoilers**** The Warner Bros film gave us an actual fall into a waterfall, BBC Sherlock gave us a fall from grace and now Elementary has given us a fall back, or relapse, into addiction. We love to see Holmes … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes – were his abilities a blessing or a curse?

I’ve just watched an episode of Elementary and it raised an interesting point – are Holmes’ abilities a gift facilitating interesting work, or an illness that he uses the work to treat? In episode 18 of season three, ‘The View from Olympus’, … Continue reading

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Arthur and George tested the waters – now the BBC is jumping right in

Last night ITV aired the final episode of their three-part dramatization of Julian Barnes’ novel – Arthur and George. Starring Martin Clunes as a gentle but determined Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the action follows Doyle’s investigation into ‘The Wyrley Ripper’, … Continue reading

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Elementary is back and Holmes is most certainly not forgiven

Review of Season Three, Episode One – Enough Nemesis to Go Around (contains some spoilers) As regular blog readers may recall, I had a bit of a Damascene conversion over Elementary during the last season. I went from disliking it … Continue reading

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CBS’ Elementary finally wins me over

I presumed I would absolutely love series three of BBC Sherlock, but sadly I didn’t. I also presumed I’d dislike season two of Elementary but I actually rather enjoyed it. I do like to be proved wrong every now and … Continue reading

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Elementary returns – but has absence made my heart grow fonder?

In a word – no. Big apologies to all the Elementary fans out there, I have tried really hard to like this modern-day Holmes and Watson solving crimes in New York but I just can’t feel the love. I don’t … Continue reading

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Do we have enough Sherlock Holmes on film and TV, or are we still hungry for more?

With BBC Sherlock, CBS Elementary and the blockbusting Warner Bros film trilogy dominating the TV and film market, is there room for anything else? If not, then is it fair that big players like CBS, Warner and Hartswood Films have … Continue reading

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