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Elementary finale gives us a battle between Holmes and his ultimate nemesis – heroin

****Contains spoilers**** The Warner Bros film gave us an actual fall into a waterfall, BBC Sherlock gave us a fall from grace and now Elementary has given us a fall back, or relapse, into addiction. We love to see Holmes … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes – were his abilities a blessing or a curse?

I’ve just watched an episode of Elementary and it raised an interesting point – are Holmes’ abilities a gift facilitating interesting work, or an illness that he uses the work to treat? In episode 18 of season three, ‘The View from Olympus’, … Continue reading

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Elementary is back and Holmes is most certainly not forgiven

Review of Season Three, Episode One – Enough Nemesis to Go Around (contains some spoilers) As regular blog readers may recall, I had a bit of a Damascene conversion over Elementary during the last season. I went from disliking it … Continue reading

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How does the Conan Doyle canon inspire me?

One of my Facebook friends messaged me to ask an interesting question – how does the canon influence my writing? I thought, ah-ha! Great idea for a blog… The canon is always at the heart of anything I write with … Continue reading

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CBS’ Elementary finally wins me over

I presumed I would absolutely love series three of BBC Sherlock, but sadly I didn’t. I also presumed I’d dislike season two of Elementary but I actually rather enjoyed it. I do like to be proved wrong every now and … Continue reading

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Charlie Milverton on the shelves in Waterstones

I was very excited to call in at a local Waterstones and see my book on the shelf – so excited I even took a picture. Various people did look across and wonder if I was slightly mad but that … Continue reading

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Elementary returns – but has absence made my heart grow fonder?

In a word – no. Big apologies to all the Elementary fans out there, I have tried really hard to like this modern-day Holmes and Watson solving crimes in New York but I just can’t feel the love. I don’t … Continue reading

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