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Do we have enough Sherlock Holmes on film and TV, or are we still hungry for more?

With BBC Sherlock, CBS Elementary and the blockbusting Warner Bros film trilogy dominating the TV and film market, is there room for anything else? If not, then is it fair that big players like CBS, Warner and Hartswood Films have … Continue reading

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Elementary casts new light on Game of Shadows

A surprising thing happened over the weekend.  No, my broken leg didn’t miraculously heal itself prompting me to toss aside my crutches and cry “I can walk!” It wasn’t quite that surprising. But it was rather unexpected. As I’m laid … Continue reading

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Great Sherlock Holmes Debate – and the winner is . . . Holmes himself

On Sunday I was fortunate enough to take part in The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate organised by Steve from MX Publishing. The event was situated in the fabulous Met Building with a wonderful view across the London skyline and we … Continue reading

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Holmes and Watson – who needed who the most?

As famous friendships go, the Holmes and Watson partnership seems to have attracted more analysis than any other fictional duo.  Partnership is an interesting word to use, inferring a degree of equality and co-dependency. Modern adaptations have demonstrated this dependency … Continue reading

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