Will Mrs Hudson’s Diaries be the next Holmes offering on screen?

mrshudsonsdiaries-jacket-v61Will comedian Barry Cryer be the next person to put Sherlock Holmes on our TV screens?

I read somewhere (can’t remember where – really should start writing these things down) that talks are underway to bring another version of Sherlock Holmes to television.

This time it’s the turn of comedian Barry Cryer and his son Bob, who’s book ‘Mrs Hudson’s Diaries’ was launched in October 2012. The book focuses on Mrs Hudson, as described on Amazon – ‘The diaries of Sherlock Holmes’ landlady and housekeeper reveal a portrait of life below stairs at 221b Baker Street that is by turns silly, slapstick and sentimental.’

How do I feel about this? Honestly – jealous.

I’m keen as mustard to get my own Holmes novel adapted for the screen but being a nobody-from-nowhere-land-who-no one-has-ever-heard-of makes things a bit tricky. It’s like trying to push an elephant up a hill with a spoon. I’m making progress and remain hopeful but it’s a mammoth task. Being the much-loved Barry Cryer probably made this process a lot easier. (Oh dear, another attack of the green-eyed monster from struggling author! Poor Barry, no offense meant)

I suppose I also worry about the extent to which Holmes and comedy mix. I panic when I hear the words ‘Silly’ and ‘Slapstick’ in connection with the great detective.

Humour works in BBC Sherlock, and Granada/Brett captured Holmes’ humorous side perfectly, but (in my opinion) ‘funny’ failed in the Guy Ritchie films.

There is much humour in Sir Arthur’s original stories and I do feel this is underrated, but it is incidental to the main narrative. Comedy should not dominate, in my opinion. Especially in the serious setting of the overcrowded, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden city of Victorian London.

However, I do think that a way forward for adapting Holmes in the future is to see him from the point of view of characters besides Watson. Viewing him through the eyes of his smart, resourceful landlady is an exciting idea.

On the subject of BBC Sherlock, the show has been nominated for yet another award. I’m beyond jealous now when it comes to Gatiss, Moffat et al – I’m just simply in awe. News broke this morning: ‘Doctor Who and Sherlock will go head to head for two prizes at the National Television Awards this month.

The shows – both created by writer and producer Steven Moffat – will challenge for best drama, while stars Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch are in the running for best male actor.’ A big dilemma for Who and Sherlock fans then!

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5 Responses to Will Mrs Hudson’s Diaries be the next Holmes offering on screen?

  1. Resa Haile says:

    How is Mrs. Hudson “infamous”? She’s hardly Jack the Ripper, unless this is a very different version. I saw they were trying to get Judi Dench, who has played Mrs. Hudson before (on BBC radio), and was also in *A Study in Terror,* for this.

    I thought *The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes* was a wonderful comedy, and *Without a Clue* certainly had much to recommend it. I would have liked to see something saluting the Rathbone era as *Young Frankenstein* did the Universal horror films, but that never happened (*Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother* didn’t achieve this).

  2. Ennui Enigma says:

    Interesting to contemplate what the intrepid Mrs H might have to say about her two tenants. The premise captures my imagination. I bet you could write something beyond the slapstick and funny into a more realistic Victorian drama with a garnishing of humour 🙂 Thanks for the updates!

  3. I vote for Benedict Cumberbatch!

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